VAM Law is a leading personal injury law firm dedicated in representing clients throughout California.

 VAM Law's select professionals, in both the legal and medical field, have decades of combined experience. Our group of professionals help clients that have experienced general to serious personal injury matters as well wrongful death. We not only understand the law but we also understand the injury. "Having employees that have worked in hospitals and doctors offices in our law firm makes all the difference when the case is about the settle or go in front of the jury . . ." says attorney Vacheh Arthur Marganian who continues "our combined efforts and knowledge in both law and medicine, allows us to put the strongest case possible for our clients." The VAM Law team members share ideas and build upon them, making sure all legal and healthcare challenges their clients face our resolved now and in the future.

At VAM Law, we treat our clients with respect and dignity just as we would want them to treat us. We have approachable personalities no matter which members of the group you reach out to.

VAM Law prides itself on improving resources, staff, expertise and innovative thinking that continues to put our client's legal rights and positions in the forefront. We invest in technology that allows us to have efficient workflows and communication systems. It allows our clients to rely on legal services that are consistent, accurate and of the highest quality.

We mainly take on our client's cases based on a contingency fee. It basically means if we are not able to achieve a successful outcome for you, we won't charge you any legal fees - something that rarely happens because we will review problems in your cases upfront if we think there are any.

When we handle your personal injury claim, we also make sure your vehicle is repaired properly and on time. If you have out of pocket expenses (rental car, towing, loss of use), we demand from the responsible party reimbursement. We never charge you for this service as it is one of the benefits of hiring us for your personal injury claim.

VAM Law understands how injuries will take a persons life and affect a persons ability to work, earn money and care from ones family. Injuries do affect us physically, mentally and emotionally. At VAM Law, we understand the laws of personal injury and use it to make sure our client's get the medical help they deserve on the road to recovery. As your advocate, VAM Law will seek to demand compensation for all our client's hardships.